Innovation and craftsmanship are in my blood.  My Grandfather was one of the pioneers of the automated hydraulic dentist chair. He invented 168 separate patented adjustments on a standard chair, and it went on to become one of the best selling automated chairs in the world. My Father is a master craftsman who has worked on some of the UK’s most prestigious properties and more impressive to me, the hardest working person I know. This work ethic, innovation, and attention to detail are inherent to InstaGate™.

Previously, I owned and operated construction company specialising in automatic gates, and I have consulted on large multidisciplinary 6 figure projects in the UK the USA and South Africa. I have also created unique products such as gates that slide around corners, safety hinges for schools and cantilever telescopic gates. I have spent years studying everything I can get my hands on concerning the home improvement industry with a particular emphasis on driveway entrances. 

I understand that home improvement projects are relationship intensive exchanges where there is a very long sales cycle regardless of how much money is involved. I have developed strategies to improve business performance for both the changing marketplace and changing customer demands. 

In addition to my role here at InstaGate™, I also offer consultancy services to other companies including Renzland part of the AMG Group which is a PLC that turns over £13,000,000 per year.  Further services can be found here, and please contact me if you would like to collaborate on future projects. 

The biggest issue with the sales cycle of external home improvement contracts is that clients do not want to invest large amounts of money without know exactly how the completed project will look. This predicament is understandable, but without paying hundreds of dollars for architect fee's or an excellent understanding of photoshop, it is not possible and indeed not instant. 

Before we launched InstaGate™ to the market my sales team and I battle tested it for over three years. We found that we were able to speed up the sales cycle considerably and it closed 28.62% more sales.  You can InstaGate™ from your office desktop or laptop, but I would always recommend sitting down with your client and doing it together over a coffee using your tablet or smartphone- you will not even need a wifi connection. 

The goal of InstaGate™ is to help you add value to your services, give you a competitive advantage, to impress clients, win more sales and get paid. Visualisation helps close the gap between where your customer is and where they want to be.  InstaGate™ visuals give your customers confidence in your business ability to provide them with exactly what they want- that's how everybody wins. To your success! David